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Benefits of Comparing Auto Insurance Quotes in Houston

When it comes to comparing auto insurance quotes in Houston, many citizens wonder what the actual benefits of doing so are. Well, first let’s see what actually happens when comparing auto insurance quotes. What happens when one is comparing auto insurance quotes? First,  one needs to visit an online website such as this site you are looking at now; you need to locate the auto insurance quotes bar which in the case of this website is located at the top. Right after that, enters the ZIP postal code and the system does all the magic.

What the system does is that it searches for the ZIP postal code, gathers insurance quotes from the leading insurance companies in the area and displays them to the user. Then, the user can view and compare all those insurance quotes and decide which insurance company provides the best insurance at the best rates. The whole process is pretty simple and easy for the user.

Here are some of the numerous benefits of comparing auto insurance quotes in Houston.

•       Market awareness- By comparing auto insurance quotes, a person can come to know what’s hot and what’s not in the auto insurance market. If a person plans on buying auto insurance at any point in their life, they should always stay in touch with the happenings of the market. To be completely unbiased, the better way to do that then is to compare insurance quotes and know what’s going on.

•       Save as much as possible- By comparing auto insurance quotes, one can simply save as much as possible. What they can do is that they can simply browse through insurance quotes and keep narrowing the alley. That means they should keep crossing out the ones they don’t like and in the end they’ll end up with a few of those insurance companies that are offering what they need. Then, they should look at all the price tags and the one that is the cheapest should be the one for them. Using this method, they will be able to save as much as possible while getting the best and getting what they desire.

•       Know what each and every insurance company offers- By comparing insurance quotes another benefit one gets is that they stay up to date with the know how of which company offers what and at what price. This is a very helpful element and can be used in a lot of numerous ways. This is really beneficial if the person wants to buy auto insurance.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, there are a lot of more benefits of comparing auto insurance quotes in Houston. There are many benefits of the trait and there are also numerous advantages one can gain through this technique. Yes, it can give you advantages such as a cutting edge over the insurance representative or seller which will avert you being fooled or tricked by the representative as you already know what the market has to offer and at what cost. That is why one should always compare auto insurance quotes, if or if not they want to buy auto insurance.

Get Car Insurance in Houston To Avoid Spending Much Money In Case Of Accidents

Well, you might have heard people saying “I’m going to insure my car” and “Oh! I forgot to insure my car, let me just compare some insurance quotes on this website by entering my ZIP code over here and then cover my car with insurance!” If you’re wondering why they’re in such haste to get their car covered by auto insurance, you should know how big of a stress reliever auto insurance in Houston can be.

First, let’s get clear on how Houston auto insurance works. What happens is that the person, who wants to insure their car searches the market, compares insurance quotes and finds the insurance company that is the perfect match for them. Then, they go to the insurance company after making an appointment and talk to them and negotiate a bit. After all the talking is over, the person pays the initial insurance cost and they make it all legal. After the contract has been signed, in case of an accident, the insurance company will be accountable for (almost) all the cash required to fix the car. All the person has to pay is a decent and minimal amount which is known as an “excess” and is a formality.

Now that we’re done with the whole procedure, we can move on to the reason why one should buy car insurance in Houston. As it can be seen in the description and process, the main reason why a person would want to insure their car is to avert most of the money they would have to pay to fix their car after an accident to the shoulders of the insurance company. However, what many people wonder is regarding the price. All a person has to pay to insure their car is the initial insurance cost and the yearly insurance premiums. The premiums and insurance quotes depend on many factors like the make and model of the car and many more. The insurance premiums, at first glance, might seem scary and frightening but they aren’t. This is all due to the discounts and bonuses one can avail by achieving goals and accepting offers.

If a person covers their car with auto insurance in Houston, they don’t have to worry about fixing their car in case of an accident because that is taken care of by the insurance company and not the owner. In the end, it is always suggested that one purchases car insurance for their car because no one knows what might happen the next day and what the person might have to go through. When times are tough and a person gets involved in an accident, one can always count on their insurance company to save the day for them. Those are the reasons why it is always recommended that one purchases car insurance. Also, one has to make sure to avail and insure from a reputable, experienced and reliable auto insurance company.

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Useful Tips To Buy and Maintain Cheap Car Insurance in Houston For Low Income Earners

If a person has a low income and earns a pretty low amount of cash, they are bound to face problems when dealing with their expenditures. Most low income earners have to face issues when paying for their needs, let alone paying for their wants and luxuries. A car is a must have for every person that goes to work. If a person wants to buy a car, they will surely need car insurance in Houston or their area. When it comes to car insurance, it isn’t what one could call cheap in any way. However, there are many ways in which car insurance could be made affordable.

Houston auto insurance

These tips can be used by low income earners so that they can purchase and maintain Houston cheap car insurance and fulfill their needs. If a person wants to purchase car insurance, they should use the following tips to make their insurance cost as low as possible. Low income earners and insurance holders or potential insurance buyers in general, can take advantage of these tips and they can use them to purchase and maintain cheap car insurance. There are many ways which a person can do this and all these ways are small but really effective and efficient at what they do.

Here are some tips that can help a low income earner buy and maintain cheap car insurance. These ways can allow a low income earner to get their desired car insurance policy at the lowest possible rate and also maintain it at the same rate. Also, they can decrease the insurance premiums that the person has to pay for the insurance. The 6 effective and highly efficient tips are mentioned below.

1. Scout the market – Before buying car insurance in Houston, one should always scout the market and see what it has in store for them. By comparing different offers and packages and comparing them, a person can have an idea and have a general view of what the market is like. This prevents them from being the victim of any scams or fake luring techniques. By scouting and comparing the market components, you can also learn the maximum amount that you can save on insurance costs for your car in your area. Comparing insurance quotes is a great way of doing that.

2. Protect the NO claims bonus – To maintain a cheap car insurance, a person can protect their NO claims bonus. This means that they should drive carefully and protect their car from any harm so that they don’t have the need to make a claim. For this specific act, the person is rewarded with massive discounts on their insurance premium. The discounts increase as the number of consecutive years with NO claims increase.

3. Keep your slate clean – If your car is insured, you should always keep in mind what a ticket or DUI offense can do to your insurance premiums. You should always stay out of any trouble on the road so that your record is kept clean and there are not stains on your driving history. If a person keeps their record clean for a long period of time, the insurance company will give the low income earner a huge discount of their next insurance premiums.

4. Never disobey the insurance company – Do what the Houston car insurance company tells you to do. This will ensure that the insurance company provides you with the best discount because you play by their rules. The insurance company also tends to become impressed with the person when they opt to obey the rules set by the insurance company that provides Houston cheap car insurance to them. If that is the case, the person will be entitled to a spot in the insurance company’s “good books” which means that the person will receive the highest possible support when they make a claim or they are caught in a situation. A person should always obey the orders and instructions of the insurance company since it has many benefits.

5. Try to take the best care of your insured car – The insurance company really likes it when the person takes good care of the car that they are covering under their insurance. If the person treats the car roughly and does not care for it, the insurance premiums will be relatively high as compared to a person keeping their car in the best shape; maintained and safely parked everywhere they go. It is important that a person keeps their insurance company happy because that simply means more discounts on insurance premiums. One should also remember that a well-maintained, safe and sound car spells for lesser insurance premiums.

6. Install different alarm and security systems – A person can also maintain their car insurance by installing different alarm and security systems into their cars. This satisfies the insurance company that you are doing the best to protect our car and consequently, they reward the person with a huge discount on their insurance premiums. Installing alarm and security systems also reduces the chances of theft and the chances of someone breaking into it. So, it’s a win-win situation for both the person who owns the car and the insurance company in this case.

A low income earner strives for solutions to converting their normal Houston car insurance into Houston cheap car insurance and maintaining it in that very state. A person can do that by using the effective tips mentioned above. These are very small steps that a person can take in which they can receive major benefits. If a person decides to accomplish all or most of these tasks, the reward and discounts they will receive from their insurance company will be more than just great, they will be amazing. A person can easily maintain or purchase their car insurance if they plan correctly.

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Low Income Earners Effective Ways to Determine Whether you Should Avail Auto Insurance in Houston

If you are a low income earner, you would surely worry and be confused as to whether you need auto insurance in Houston or not. Those worries and confusions are often the result of low income. If a person has a low income, they get confused as to whether they can afford the car insurance or not. When they reach this point, they seek experienced personnel to give them the answer but the answer have always been with them all the time.

All they have to do is assess the situation and find the answer. The answer to all their questions and confusions depends on their requirements and needs. They should only get their car insured if they have the need to because otherwise, it would just be a burden on their pockets. Because of their tight budgets and the tightening ropes of paying for daily life expenses, they are always hesitating while deciding this fact.

The truth is, whether they earn a decent income or just a nominal amount, they need transportation to get to and from their office or workplace. Rather than commuting every day, a lot of people would opt to purchase a car of their own. One would find out that owning a car is an amazing way of saving money and are a onetime expenditure. Although one will have to spend money in case of an accident, there are still ways to not worry about this like getting Houston car insurance. When a person wants to insure their car, the wisest thing to do is to compare insurance quotes online by visiting a website such as this one and entering their ZIP code in the bar located at the top. This can help them learn how much they can save and what is the market average.

The easy way to get rid of hesitation and double thinking is to assess yourself and decide whether you truly need to get auto insurance in Houston or not. It is very important to weigh the reasons and advantages that one can get when one choose to avail insurance. Some factors that they might look into and assess are how many people drive the car, what is the car’s status i.e. is it used or brand new, who will drive the car, does the person(s) driving the car have any prior experience of being involved in an accident or not and whether or not they simply need to purchase car insurance.

If a person can look into these facts, assess them and decide whether they need Houston auto insurance or not on the basis of these facts, they will surely be able to judge the situation and make the right decision. The thing with purchasing car insurance is that one needs to be completely sure when buying it because the insurance premiums and insurance costs are a pretty hefty amount. That is the sole reason why one should always seek advice as to whether they really need car insurance or not.

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How Low Income Earners can Minimize Insurance Premiums in Houston

There are many problems that a low income earner has to face in this world. These problems include paying for their car and their insurance. Low income earners strive a lot to finally manage buying car but then, they would still have to get their car insured. The largest problem arises when the time comes that they need to pay their insurance premium. The year ends and a bold check is posted to the person who bought auto insurance in Houston stating that their car insurance has expired and that they need to renew it. A temporary insurance is also provided and the person needs to renew their insurance in that specific amount of days that is allotted by the insurance company.


There are some tips and techniques that a person can use to decrease their Houston car insurance premiums. A low income earner has to decrease their car insurance premiums so that they can keep some money in their pockets and prevent them from entering bankruptcy. It is really important that the person lowers their car insurance premiums so that they can take full advantage of the insurance and also save some money.

There are some minor tips that a person can use to minimize their insurance premiums. Some of these tips are mentioned below.

• Taking driving etiquette classes – If a person signs up for driving etiquette classes, they can save a lot on car insurance premiums. This is because the company gains a lot of satisfaction when the person signs up for driving etiquette classes because by taking these classes, the person ensures that they will try to drive safe.

• Avoid claiming insurance every now and then – If a person wants to effectively lower their insurance premiums, they should try to avoid claiming their car insurance every now and then for small damages. The person might think that by doing this, they can save money but in reality, they lose more money in the form of depreciations that they are subject to.

• Try to register more cars and drivers on the same insurance – A person can effectively decrease their Houston auto insurance premiums cost by registering more car and drivers on the same insurance. The drivers and owners of the cars can share the cost of insurance premiums and they can also work together to lower the insurance premiums cost.

• Park and drive carefully – If a person parks and drives carefully, they can lower their insurance premiums cost. Insurance premiums for auto insurance in Houston can be effectively decreased by doing this.

If a person uses these tips and implements them while signing up for car insurance and while using the insurance, they can effectively decrease their insurance premiums. These tips and tricks are helpful and effective when it comes to lowering car insurance premiums.

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Why is Car Insurance in Houston Different for Men and Women?

Auto insurance is something that stays with you throughout your lifetime. Every individual wants cheap car insurance. Houston cheap car insurance is not difficult to find, thanks to the hundreds of companies providing very low quotes online. However, the cheapest may not mean the best for you and you may end up making a blunder. You need to take your steps slow and steadily regarding this matter. Do not get fazed by these attractive rates, take the help of experts.

Insurance advisers may be of different kinds and you will find them almost everywhere. Some advisers work for a specific company who will explain everything to you that is related to the company. The advisers may be freelancers or working for agencies and they offer you a wider perspective on these matters. They do not have biased opinion and will guide you honestly.

However, choosing the right adviser for you can get confusing. The best way is to ask your family and friends. They may recommend somebody for you. There are some reputed agencies who have advisers and insurance agents whom you can go to. Generally, they represent more than one company in your locality so you have the freedom to choose. Go for a company with a good reputation who has been in the business for years. You need somebody with experience. You can look at their profiles online. Award winning agencies are usually the first choice among customers.

There are some pointers that you have to keep in mind before you choose your agent or adviser. Some of them may be working for only one company and needless to say will make you buy their insurance. Some may be fraud as well. Beware of all those who just talk about the cheapest price. To assess them, talk to them about your queries. If you are comfortable talking to your adviser and he gives you valuable advice, stick to him.

Your agent or adviser must be somebody who is up to date with the current state laws. He must also be aware of discounts that the companies offer. You must not forget that car insurance is not same for all age groups. Older people or teenagers require absolutely different types of coverage. If you are a young driver and buying insurance for the first time, it is absolutely necessary to talk to an adviser. Look for, however, licensed financial practitioners. They will be able to guide you at every step. They will explain to you the concepts of premiums, minimum liability coverage and its benefits and how to claim insurance.

Moreover, you should consult different people before choosing your policy. Make sure you go to someone whom your friends or family members have consulted, as you would know they are genuine people and are not trying to dupe you of your money. They will help you get a low rate, as car insurance for young drivers tend to get expensive.

Keep all these things in mind before you shop. Do not forget that you must be able to trust your adviser. For cheap Houston car insurance competitive quotes, enter your zip above and start comparing.

How to Assess that You Need Car Insurance Coverage in Houston?

If a person wants to purchase car insurance or even if they’re just browsing and searching for some material on car insurance, they would need to look for the types of car insurance policies and the things that they cover. There are many different types of Houston car insurance policies and all of them cover different things. There are different insurance policies for covering collisions and for covering liabilities. Some insurance policies cover expensive stuff like collisions and liabilities and there are some insurance policies take care of towing, tire changes, oil changes, maintenance and fuel. A person has to think many times before making a decision as to which insurance policy to purchase. That is because a person needs to buy what they need and that might take some time to decide.

If you’re wondering how many types of car insurance policies exist and what they cover individually, here is a list.

1. Collision insurance – Collision insurances is needed in the event that your car is completely wrecked or damaged in an accident. If this incident occurs, you will not have to worry about paying a large amount to fix your car because that is done by your insurer. Of course, you will have to pay an excess or deductible but you won’t have to pay a large sum. However, collision insurance doesn’t work in your favor at all times. That can be justified by the fact that in the event when your car is completely wrecked beyond repair, the company won’t pay the sum which is the cost of a new car. What they will do is to pay the amount of money that your car was worth before the accident took place. Collision auto insurance in Houston will come in handy if you have an expensive or new car.

2. Liability insurance – Liability insurance policies are the most well-known and most common of all car insurance policies. That is because it is obligatory in most states within the United States. Liability insurance covers all the medical bills and costs that need to be paid to the other driver(s) provided that it was you who caused the accident. For liability insurance policies to come into action the accident has to be caused by you otherwise, the court will judge you as guilty. If that happens, the cost that needs to be paid in order to fix the car(s) of the other driver(s) and the medical bills that need to be paid for all the injuries are taken care of by the insurer. Most states require a person to have this kind of insurance so that in case of an accident, a person has enough money to pay the drivers or citizens involved and the properties they damaged.

3. Comprehensive insurance – There’s collision insurance for any collisions and accidents, there’s liability insurance for any liabilities a person faces in case of an accident, there’s car tow insurance for the cost of towing a car, but what about insurance to cover up for theft or damage done to the car by any means except an accident? For that specific use, there exists car insurance in Houston known as a comprehensive insurance. This is an insurance policy that involves insurance cost reducing techniques like installing anti-theft systems, alarm systems and trackers. Comprehensive auto insurance in Houston or in your area would be useful if you live in a place where the weather can get rough and cars become subject to weather damage or if you park your car in a place like a garage where the car can inflict damage caused by stuff falling onto it. This is also beneficial if your car has been stolen. Comprehensive car insurance covers for any weather damage, damage by any other means or theft. Basically, a comprehensive insurance policy covers everything except liabilities and collision.

4. Emergency road service insurance – This insurance policy covers any emergent road services that a person needs to call for in case their car breaks down, they cannot drive their car or get it to start. This policy includes the reimbursement of money spent on towing, changing tires, mechanic wages, money spent on getting their car fixed in an emergency and other events of the same nature. The reimbursement percentage varies from state to state which means that reimbursement for this kind of car insurance in Houston would differ from the reimbursement in any other state.

5. Rental reimbursement insurance – This insurance covers and reimburses the money spent on renting a taxi or any other public transport in the event that the person’s car is being repaired after an accident.

6. Personal injury protection or PIP insurance – This type of car insurance is similar to a health insurance with very little differences. A personal insurance protection insurance policy generally covers the feasible and necessary medical bills and the price that is needed to recover from an injury. It also pays for any funerals that may be needed as the result of an accident. These types of insurance policies also cover rehabilitations, replacement of services like childcare if parents are disabled and lost earnings in the case that the person is unable to get back to work.

These are some of the insurance policies that are available in the many states of America. All of these policies have their differences and similarities and most of all, each policy covers different things. The point is that a person should think about it before making a decision on which car insurance policy they should buy. A person should only buy the insurance policy that suits their needs. A person should also take care of any confusions or queries before they make a decision.

You can learn more about insurance policies and their types by comparing insurance quotes. Simply enter your ZIP code in the box at the top.

Do You Really Need Auto Insurance in Houston

Many people get double minded over the question whether they should get auto insurance in Houston or not. This leads them to have various questions over the very topic. They try to get suggestions and recommendations from around the world when they don’t realize that the answer lies with them. Yes, the answer is right— with them, and all they have to do to see it. They just need to concentrate and pay attention on their own selves.

They have to be calm, patient and they have to assess themselves. This means that they will have to assess whether they really need insurance or not because buying car insurance is a real big step and they shouldn’t take the step if they aren’t ready. Auto insurance can and most likely will cost a person a lot of cash so it is always recommended that they only buy auto insurance when they need it.

For people living in Houston, in my idea, it is essential that they insure their car because car accidents aren’t a rarity in Houston. Houston is a busy place and the roads are filled with drivers in haste, teenage drivers and drunk drivers. Due to those factors, it is necessary that a citizen of Houston insures their car. Auto insurance really comes in handy in case of an accident even though you have to pay a good and decent amount for it. Car insurance in Houston can save a person’s time and precious money because when there is an accident, the car owner will only have to pay a minimal amount as “excess” to get their car fixed.

That is the reason it is so hard to decide whether a person should get their car covered under insurance or not. Here are some factors that a person can assess and then decide whether they really need car insurance or not.

•       Who drives the car? If you know who is going to drive your car, it can help you decide whether to get car insurance or not. For example, if you or your wife or going to drive the car, you don’t necessarily need car insurance. But if you have teenage kids or your parents driving the car, it is really recommended that you get auto insurance in Houston.

•       What type of car do you have? If you have an expensive and luxurious car, you shouldn’t waste another second on getting your car insured. But, if you have a car that is cheap and old, you don’t need car insurance as such.

•       Do you have any past records where you or your car has been involved in an accident? If you, your car or anyone else who drives your car have been involved in an accident in the past, you should get your car insured to decrease the damage if it happens again.

It’s always better to insure your car, but it is also advised that one thinks it through before taking any step. Let alone a huge step like buying car insurance in Houston spend time in your mind before concluding.

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The Dreadful Effects of Drunk Driving in Houston

Drunk driving can have many negative effects on one’s mind and body. There are numerous disadvantages and negative effects of drunk driving; some of which are major and affect a person’s skill in driving. These skills include skills like reaction time, which is greatly affected, in a negative way if a person drinks and drives. Among the many negative effects of drunk driving is the sense of false confidence. An example of this effect is the situation when a drunk driver thinks they can make the gap, but in reality, they cannot and instead go slamming into the two pillars, consequently resulting in an accident.

Here are some of the most major and most dreadful effects of drunk driving.

•       Decrease in reflexes- Among the many effects of drunk driving is the decrease in reflexes. Even if a person does have cat like reflexes, after they get high, all those reflexes go out the window and are completely distorted. If a person does not have quick reflexes, the probability of them being involved in an accident, probably fatal, increases and becomes more likely to happen.

•       Reaction time affected- Drunk driving can greatly affect a person’s reaction time because when a person is drunk, they don’t know what exactly is going on around them which greatly decreases their reaction time which mostly results in accidents.

•       Consciousness decreased- The level of consciousness of the driver is also decreased if the driver is driving while being drunk. That is because a person’s senses start fluctuating which affect the mind and that consequently decreases a person’s consciousness.

•       False sense of confidence- When a person is drunk, they develop a false sense of security or confidence. This means that they imagine and think that they can do stuff, which, in reality, they cannot. This greatly affects the probability of them being in an accident and that is why it is always advised that a person does not drink and drive. Who knows that if a person decides to drink and drive, they might think they can jump over an under construction bridge when they really just end up being dead or injured. In this case, auto insurance in Houston might come in a handy.

•       Lack of coordination- When a person drinks, their senses, obviously, start shutting down. This leads to their mind being disconnected from their other body parts and unnecessary or unusual movements taking place. When this happens, a lack of coordination develops and the person cannot take full control of their senses which mostly results in accidents.

•       Distorted vision- If a person drinks, it is noted that their vision turns blurry and becomes distorted. This can greatly increase the probability of them being in an accident. A distorted vision also helps develop a lack of judgment in the person. To avoid the damages to a person’s car from an accident, it is always suggested to get auto insurance in Houston for a person’s car.

These were only few of the effects of drunk driving and what it can do to a person. The aftermath of drunk driving is never good for anyone and that is why it is always best if one does not drink and drive. It is every Houston citizen’s duty to inform others and to make them quit drunk driving.

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Different Degrees of DUI Penalties to Drunk Driving Convicts in Houston

A DUI offender is a person/driver that offends the DUI laws of a state. Drivers who are caught drunken driving every single day are penalized according to their number of offenses and whether they caused any havoc or not. There are DUI offenders everywhere in every state. Drunk driving has now become a pretty profound phenomenon and is pretty common among teenagers and middle aged people. A set of laws which refer to and affect DUI offenses have been put down by the DMV’s of each state including the Houston DMV and the people who drive while under influence. DUI offenders can be classified into degrees or classes.

AutoInsuranceInHoustonQuotesEach degree or class is sorted out according to the number of DUI offenses they have made. Each class has a different set of punishments and penalties set and the people who go into the class are subject to those penalties. There are four basic types of degrees which DUI offenders can be classified in. The first two degrees are accounted as misdemeanors and the last two are counted as felonies.

A DUI offender is classified into these degrees by the times they have offended the DUI laws in a state in their look back period which is a standard ten years. If you have been wondering what the degrees or classes of DUI offenders and their respective penalties are, you’re in luck because all that is explained right here!

Below is a list of the four main degrees of DUI offenders and their penalties as set by the DMV of each state. Please note that the penalties may differ depending on the area you live in; this set of penalties and punishments is a general one and is not from any one specific state or city’s DMV.

1.      The first degree: 1st time offenders

First time offenders are those DUI offenders that violate the DUI laws in a city or town within a state for the first time. The punishments and penalties that they are entitled to are not too intense or harsh. The 1st offense by a DUI violator is noted as a Misdemeanor and is not that bad as the ones to come after the 1st attempt. A 1st time offender is not given too harsh punishments but they are punishments and are enough to strike fear in the person’s heart. If a person makes a first offense, the penalties are enough to make them think twice or more than that before doing that again in their life. Here are the penalties that a 1st time offender is entitled to:

•       Jail of 2 days up to 11 months and 29 days.

•       Suspension of license for 1 year.

•       A fine of $350-$1500.

•       Reimbursement of any losses, materialistic or physical to another person or their property you damaged.

•       A minimum jail of 7 consecutive days for a BAC of .20 or more.

•       Forced participation in a DUI school or seminar.

•       Drug and alcohol treatment if ordered by the court.

•       An average cast of $4900-$5000 for a person’s first offense. This includes towing fees, any court fees, and insurance fees e.t.c.

2.      The second degree: 2nd time offenders

The 2nd time offenders are classified into this degree. They are the people that violate DUI laws in their state for a second time in their look back period of ten years. 2nd time DUI offenders are entitled to more intense and harsher punishments than 2nd time offenders as they are the people who ignored the warning and went on and broke the rules for a second time. The punishments and penalties of 2nd time DUI offenders include:

•       Imprisonment of 45 days to 11 months and 29 days according to the degree of the havoc created.

•       An obligatory fine of $600-$3500 as decided by the court.

•       Suspension of license for two massive years.

•       Seizure of the offender’s vehicle.

•       Suspension of driving rights.

•       Forced attendance at a DUI school or awareness seminar.

•       Can be subject to installing a vehicle ignition lock device at own expense.

•       Reimbursement of the money caused to fix any property or heal anyone that was hit by the DUI offender.

•       Any further penalties as decided by the court.

3.      The third degree: 3rd time offenders

Third time offenders are the DUI offenders that violate the DUI laws set down by a state’s DMV like the Houston DMV for a third time. They are charged with Felony and are subject to the following penalties:

•       Imprisonment of 120 days up to 11 months and 29 days.

•       Fine of $1100-$10,000

•       DUI school

•       Seizure of car

•       Possible installation of ignition interlock device at the convicts expense.

•       Suspension of license for 3-10 massive years.

4.      The fourth degree: Habitual offender

A habitual offender is one who habitually violates DUI laws in a state. They are charged with Felony and are heavily penalized. The penalties that a habitual offender is entitled to include the following:

•       1 year imprisonment with a minimum of 150 consecutive days

•       A fine of $3000-$15000

•       Forced attendance of a DUI school or seminar

•       License suspension for 5 years

•       A vehicle seizure may occur

•       Ignition interlock device may have to be installed at convicts expense

A person who is drinking should always remember that they shouldn’t drink at all when they plan to drive. A person who is drunk driving can cause a lot of chaos and damage to people and people’s properties on the way. If the person is caught while drunk driving, the penalties they will be subjected to, as mentioned above, will be extremely hefty. It is always better that a person spends the night at a friend or relative’s place rather than driving home while being drunk over the legal limit in their state.

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