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Different Degrees of DUI Penalties to Drunk Driving Convicts in Houston

A DUI offender is a person/driver that offends the DUI laws of a state. Drivers who are caught drunken driving every single day are penalized according to their number of offenses and whether they caused any havoc or not. There are DUI offenders everywhere in every state. Drunk driving has now become a pretty profound phenomenon and is pretty common among teenagers and middle aged people. A set of laws which refer to and affect DUI offenses have been put down by the DMV’s of each state including the Houston DMV and the people who drive while under influence. DUI offenders can be classified into degrees or classes.

AutoInsuranceInHoustonQuotesEach degree or class is sorted out according to the number of DUI offenses they have made. Each class has a different set of punishments and penalties set and the people who go into the class are subject to those penalties. There are four basic types of degrees which DUI offenders can be classified in. The first two degrees are accounted as misdemeanors and the last two are counted as felonies.

A DUI offender is classified into these degrees by the times they have offended the DUI laws in a state in their look back period which is a standard ten years. If you have been wondering what the degrees or classes of DUI offenders and their respective penalties are, you’re in luck because all that is explained right here!

Below is a list of the four main degrees of DUI offenders and their penalties as set by the DMV of each state. Please note that the penalties may differ depending on the area you live in; this set of penalties and punishments is a general one and is not from any one specific state or city’s DMV.

1.      The first degree: 1st time offenders

First time offenders are those DUI offenders that violate the DUI laws in a city or town within a state for the first time. The punishments and penalties that they are entitled to are not too intense or harsh. The 1st offense by a DUI violator is noted as a Misdemeanor and is not that bad as the ones to come after the 1st attempt. A 1st time offender is not given too harsh punishments but they are punishments and are enough to strike fear in the person’s heart. If a person makes a first offense, the penalties are enough to make them think twice or more than that before doing that again in their life. Here are the penalties that a 1st time offender is entitled to:

•       Jail of 2 days up to 11 months and 29 days.

•       Suspension of license for 1 year.

•       A fine of $350-$1500.

•       Reimbursement of any losses, materialistic or physical to another person or their property you damaged.

•       A minimum jail of 7 consecutive days for a BAC of .20 or more.

•       Forced participation in a DUI school or seminar.

•       Drug and alcohol treatment if ordered by the court.

•       An average cast of $4900-$5000 for a person’s first offense. This includes towing fees, any court fees, and insurance fees e.t.c.

2.      The second degree: 2nd time offenders

The 2nd time offenders are classified into this degree. They are the people that violate DUI laws in their state for a second time in their look back period of ten years. 2nd time DUI offenders are entitled to more intense and harsher punishments than 2nd time offenders as they are the people who ignored the warning and went on and broke the rules for a second time. The punishments and penalties of 2nd time DUI offenders include:

•       Imprisonment of 45 days to 11 months and 29 days according to the degree of the havoc created.

•       An obligatory fine of $600-$3500 as decided by the court.

•       Suspension of license for two massive years.

•       Seizure of the offender’s vehicle.

•       Suspension of driving rights.

•       Forced attendance at a DUI school or awareness seminar.

•       Can be subject to installing a vehicle ignition lock device at own expense.

•       Reimbursement of the money caused to fix any property or heal anyone that was hit by the DUI offender.

•       Any further penalties as decided by the court.

3.      The third degree: 3rd time offenders

Third time offenders are the DUI offenders that violate the DUI laws set down by a state’s DMV like the Houston DMV for a third time. They are charged with Felony and are subject to the following penalties:

•       Imprisonment of 120 days up to 11 months and 29 days.

•       Fine of $1100-$10,000

•       DUI school

•       Seizure of car

•       Possible installation of ignition interlock device at the convicts expense.

•       Suspension of license for 3-10 massive years.

4.      The fourth degree: Habitual offender

A habitual offender is one who habitually violates DUI laws in a state. They are charged with Felony and are heavily penalized. The penalties that a habitual offender is entitled to include the following:

•       1 year imprisonment with a minimum of 150 consecutive days

•       A fine of $3000-$15000

•       Forced attendance of a DUI school or seminar

•       License suspension for 5 years

•       A vehicle seizure may occur

•       Ignition interlock device may have to be installed at convicts expense

A person who is drinking should always remember that they shouldn’t drink at all when they plan to drive. A person who is drunk driving can cause a lot of chaos and damage to people and people’s properties on the way. If the person is caught while drunk driving, the penalties they will be subjected to, as mentioned above, will be extremely hefty. It is always better that a person spends the night at a friend or relative’s place rather than driving home while being drunk over the legal limit in their state.

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Punishments to Drunk Driving Convicts According to DUI Laws in Houston

In every state, the DMV has put down certain laws that DUI offenders are subject to and those laws also state the penalties DUI offenders receive. The state of Texas is no different where the Houston DMV has put down the laws regarding DUI in Houston. In the past couple of years, the DUI laws have tightened and people have been treated without tolerance and neither the police nor the court have shown any leniency towards the people convicted of DUI offenses. That is because crime rates and accident rates have drastically increased over the past couple of years and the government has noted that increase in rate.

The government, consequently, has ordered all the governments of every state and city and the DMV’s to tighten their grip around the throats of drunk drivers and DUI offenders which has resulted in the dramatic decrease in the tolerance showed by the court and the law enforcement departments. A strict law has been laid down and the police and court together are making sure that everyone follows the law. However, there are some people that don’t do so.

These people are known as law offenders, or more specifically speaking, DUI law offenders. There are many grades of offenders and there are different penalties for different grades. These grades include the first-time offenders, second-time offenders, third-time offenders and the most dangerous and risky, habitual offenders. Habitual offenders are those people that offend DUI laws on a number of occasions and have a number of DUI law offenses on their history.

A drunk driver becomes a habitual driver when they offend the DUI laws more than three times. That is the standard in most countries and a standard in Houston set by the Houston DMV. If a person offends the DUI laws more than the standard three times, they then become habitual offenders of the DUI laws in Houston and they also become entitled to the penalties that are set by the government to be induced on the habitual DUI offenders.

Once a person becomes a habitual offender, they are entitled to harsher and more intense penalties than they would be on their first, second or third offense. The punishments are much worse. The penalties and punishments that a habitual offender of the DUI is entitled to include a long term suspension of their license (about 10 years), loss of driving privileges for a massive lifetime, long periods of time as jail, hefty fines, forced attendance at drunk driving and substance abuse seminars and classes, ignition lock installations, community service as ordered by the court and long hours of thinking and thinking about all the guilt and what you have done.

Becoming a habitual offender of the DUI laws in Houston is in no way a good thing to do and it certainly has its consequences. The penalties and consequences a habitual offender of the law faces are way intense and way harsher than the penalties of a drunk driver that is not a habitual violator of the law. Habitual offenders are also noted to sometimes be subject to life sentences and long sentences.

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Six Consequences in Breaking DUI and DWI Laws in Houston

For all the drunk drivers out there in Houston, the  Houston DMV, together with the government has come up with some DUI or DWI laws that are imposed in Houston and affect any driver that is caught driving with a blood alcohol concentration level that is more than the legal limit. These rules are meant to teach people that the best answer is not to drink and drive but some people fail to learn that very lesson. These specific people get caught while drunk driving and are convicted of breaking the DUI laws in Houston. Any offense to the law cannot go unpunished and that is why there are some particular punishments and penalties that the DMV and the government have come up with.

Many people wonder what they are; they don’t have an idea of what they might have to deal with if they commit and offense to the DUI laws in Houston. Well, for a heads up, these penalties are really hefty and they are not something a person can live with. It should again be reminded that the best answer is not to drink and drive.

Here are some of the intimidating consequences an offender of the DUI laws has to face (1).

•       Imprisonment- The first and probably the worst consequence of offending a DUI law in Houston is imprisonment. If a person is caught drunk driving, they are imprisoned at the command of the law and court. The imprisonment periods are short for the first two offenses by the driver but for the third offense and for habitual offenders, it’s not something a person can live with.

•       Fine- The second consequence that one will have to deal with if they offend a DUI law in Houston is the fine. The drivers caught driving while drunk are imposed to fines. The fines, just like the imprisonment period, are small for the first couple of offenses but increase drastically when the driver becomes a habitual offender.

•       Suspension of license- Drunk drivers’ licenses can also be suspended by the court if needed and the suspension periods are also affected by the offender’s offense number.

•       Community service- Drunk drivers are often required to go through community service for a good amount of hours per week. This helps them realize what they have done and try to correct themselves.

•       Forced attendance of drunken driving awareness campaigns and seminars- The drivers caught driving while under the influence of alcohol are also often required to attend drunken driving seminars and awareness campaigns as advised by the Houston DMV and the law.

•       There may be many more, intense consequences if a person becomes a habitual violator of the laws of Houston.

After reading all of these consequences that a drunk driver has to face, I think you might be thinking that it’s better not to drink at all. Hey there! You know what? Now you can compare insurance quotes in your state just by entering your ZIP code in the box at the top of this page.

How Houston DMV could Help DWI Convicts to have Car Insurance in Houston?

HoustonCarInsuranceAcquiring Houston car insurance has become very important in case of being convicted with DWI. It is sad to say that the car license is generally suspended after the DWI charges. The penalties for driving drunk not only depend on your BAC, but also the number of times you have been pulled over for a similar charge. The more the charges, the heavier the punishment will be. If pulled over by a law enforcement officer, it is best to cooperate since creating a scene will only lead to dire consequences. This suspension is only for a particular period of time that is determined by the officer in charge who carried out the tests. Auto insurance in Houston helps you get your license back. When you want to get back your license, it is very important to carry necessary documents to the Houston DMV. When you visit the DMV, you must be accompanied with a document of SR-22 insurance. Your insurance provider will prepare the SR-22 document which states that your car is safely insured by them. Apart from hiring a lawyer, the drivers also need auto insurance.

Tips to acquire DWI Insurance

DWI Lawyers: The DWI lawyers are there to extend the helping hand at the time of hearing from Department of Motor and Vehicle (DMV). Many convicts ignore hiring an experienced lawyer and go by their own. Though this step seem to be cost effective, is time consuming and not always fruitful. The plea bargain is very beneficial and can be done by practiced attorneys only. Moreover, the period of license suspension is also shortened in this way. The premium rate is also increased by the Houston auto insurance companies and in this case a request can be sent to them to reconsider the rates. Once the appeal is won, the insurance provider will charge lower rates.

DWI Courses: In order to get auto insurance in Houston after DWI case, another way is to enroll in DWI course. This is a simple course to learn about driving safely and avoid alcohol while driving. This will help to create a clean record about you and show that you are more responsible now with your car. It helps a lot to get lower premium rates. The insurance provider to whom you have contacted for your car insurance will require your details in order to find out about your case from the DMV in your area. The insurers follow this step stringently before allowing car insurance to DWI convicts.

After being charged with a DWI case the insurance companies look for the following 3 things:

-Credit Score

-Driving History

-Insurance Claims in the past

Getting insurance after being charge with a DWI case is not the only thing that you need to do. In fact, finding a cheap insurance for your car is equally important. The premium rates are different for various insurance providers. Houston car insurance providers make sure that you get your car insured easily after charged with a DWI case along with low premium rates.

How to Obtain a Houston Cheap Car Insurance with a DUI Record?

Drunk driving not only risks your life but also brings serious consequences later. One of them is obtaining car insurance in the city of Houston. Other problems include 3 days to 10 years imprisonment, 3 months to 2 years license suspension, $2000 to $10000 fine and an additional surcharge for 3 years. Houston cheap car insurance is indeed difficult to come across if you have a DUI conviction. You are neck deep in fines and even license suspension. Not only that, your insurance can be cancelled as well. Moreover, renewing your insurance later or obtaining a new insurance can be quite a hassle.

The DUI laws in the state of Houston are very strict and if you are caught drinking and driving, your license can be under a risk of suspension. However, there is no need to lose your hair over this. By following these simple steps, you can easily obtain cheap car insurance in the state of Houston.

First, get hold of a good lawyer who can reduce your fine to a large extent. A lawyer can get you through all the charges easily. Moreover, your bail plea too can be reduced by a good lawyer.

Secondly, when it comes to cheap car insurance in Houston, you must take every step carefully. Filling of a SR-22 form is compulsory after a DUI conviction. This is because most companies would hike your insurance premium to almost double the amount or cancel your insurance subscription. So, you have to approach a new company to issue your car insurance. The form is usually filled by the insurance company itself. Before buying insurance, do try to find out whether the company fills up this form or not on your behalf. More than the price, this is a much bigger concern especially for high risk drivers. Companies that do fill out the SR-22 form always advertise this fact.

Thirdly, it is important to compare the prices especially after getting a DUI conviction where it is expected that the insurance rate is bound to shoot up. Luckily, you are spoil for choices. Even if it takes some time, you are sure to get at least one company that gives you a decent rate. Taking some time out and comparing car insurance quotes in Houston is the way to go. Going for a DUI education class can be a great step to ensure reduced rates from companies. These remedial classes are hugely beneficial and help you to be a better driver. There may be a need to get some more courses done other than the ones you are asked to attend in order to show that you are a responsible citizen.

Finally, a clean record after a DUI does show your changes in driving and can eventually help you get a better rate. A DUI violation will be there on your driver’s record for almost 7 years. A responsible driver always walks out with the most benefits, so it is important to drive safely and without the influence of alcohol.

Do not panic if you have been DUI convicted. Go through quotes and decide wisely. By just taking out a few seconds and entering your 5 digit zip code above, you can get started and avail Houston cheap car insurance. Log in today!

Comprehensive Guide Between the Connection of DWI Laws, Houston DMV and your Car Insurance Policy

Insurance is mainly taken a vehicle owner to protect their car from any financial damage which might arise out of any accident that can happen unexpectedly. At the same time, car insurance in Houston also helps provide safety against loss due to theft or any other untoward incident that might happen to your vehicle.

A lot of countries and governments have a law which ensures that the car owner gets insurance before putting their car on the road. So, it is very important that the car will be fully covered with the right insurance company and provides security for the car and the finances as well. In the United States of America, the car insurance that a person can take differs from state to state. Some states are very flexible and there are also some states that do not make car insurance mandatory for everyone. At the same time, there are states which make it necessary for their car owners to carry at least something called a third party liability insurance. This ensures that in case of damage (physical or otherwise) that the driver caused, Houston auto insurance is good enough to pay for the damages.

In America, all the states have a DMV or the department of motor vehicle which handles all that is related to a motor vehicle. These guys take care of all the requirements like registering a new vehicle, issuing new driving licenses, providing numbers to new cars and that drivers are following all necessary rules while driving their vehicles on the roads. These motor vehicle departments also take care of the driving test and other important task that is required before a driver is deemed as ready to drive a vehicle. The DMV is normally under the protection of the state government.

One of the aspects of driving that this department takes care is keeping a monitor on drunken drivers or those who are under the influence of alcohol. The terminology used to define this is known as driving under the influence or DUI, operating while impaired or OWI, operating a vehicle under the influence or OVI and also driving while intoxicated or DWI. The department of motor vehicles is the one which is responsible to take care of this aspect as a drunk driver might end up creating havoc on the road and causing death. Every state has its legal limit of Blood Alcohol Concentration. In Houston, it is 0.08%. The BAC is measured by chemical and breath test.

The department of motor vehicles has a tough time in keeping close watch on the drivers who are driving under the influence of alcohol. In case a driver is involved in an accident, Houston car insurance will be the one to handle all of the expenses if the car is being insured. This is also one of the reasons why a lot of people are opting for their car to get insured. Driving under the influence is illegal and depending from state to state, the driver can be jailed or will have to pay a fine for the damaged done.

A person caught to be driving while intoxicated might be put behind bars or under certain social activity programs for some time so that they will improve themselves and to also understand the implications of driving in such a state. This is also an effective step by which the department of motor vehicles can try to change the ways that these drivers drive and make them understand that they shouldn’t be driving after drinking alcohol or other related stuff. These departments conduct sessions which make the offenders understand that driving drunk can risk financial damage and also put the lives of other drivers in danger.

A lot of states have come up with a new kind of plate numbers that is specially fitted on the vehicles of offenders who were caught driving while drunk and this plate makes others aware of their situation. At the same time, these offenders are only allowed to drive for certain hours in a week or a day which might include driving to and from work and other important purposes. Though the laws to restrain drunk driving are very strict and the department of motor vehicles have been working hard to stop this social nuisance, still, it can only be controlled completely once the person behind the wheel understand the dangers that is related to the whole scenario.

Insurance for cars in Houston has strict laws and principles which do not allow any payment against damages that are caused to the car driven by the person in an inebriated state. It is very important that one should get the right car insurance quotes. You can enter your ZIP code in the area provided for an easy and quick insurance quotes.


Guide to Car Owners on How Car Insurance can Save You from Accidental Damages

Living in Houston and owning a car is oftentimes expensive that is why it is very important that you get auto insurance in Houston to prepare yourself if ever an accident may occur. It is not just a matter of dialing a number and buying insurance. Rather, gathering quotes for car insurance in Houston is an important step in order to get the right car insurance.

For residents of Houston, the liability limit for acquiring insurance for cars is 20/40/15. This limit, considering serious damage to car during accident is quite low. In this case, there are fewer amounts left to be paid for the accident damage of the car. Thus, it makes sense to get insurance with higher liability limits to be on the safer side. A limit of minimum 100/300/100* is a good amount to be considered to accidental damages. Save yourself from worrying about accidental damage. In case you own a vehicle that is in absolute good condition and a greater value, it is important to go for auto insurance quotes in Houston that is meant for car accidents or car damages. This will help you replace the damaged parts or for any other case, repair the vehicle without paying from your own pocket.

Look for various quotes of auto insurance in Houston. Getting auto insurance in Houston is quite easy but getting the best one needs some time. In order to find the best, you will need some tactics such as gathering various quotes from various insurance providers. Through this, you can take a look at different policies and quotes that others are providing and get a chance to use this golden opportunity. It is not only the price that needs to be considered but one also needs to look into the coverage part. Low cost coverage is offered by a number of companies.

There are companies that offer extra coverage for free. These are additional advantages that you may get while comparing a number of quotes. Knowing the company is also an important step in acquiring the auto insurance in Houston. In case an accident occurs, immediately report it to the nearest police station and contact your insurance firm. Once your vehicle is appraised, an estimate will be made.

It is advisable to get an auto insurance that offer enough liability to help you pay off the damages of your car during accident. In case your car is expensive, consider raising your liability limit higher than the 20/40/15* limit as declared by the state. This is just a minimum limit and the state permits insurance with limits higher than this. Policies with higher coverage are also beneficial.  If you have not yet considered Houston car insurance quotes, start now by entering your ZIP code in the box above and get free auto insurance quotes in Houston. It is easy and fast and you will get the best quotes in a matter of minute.

Available Insurance Auto Insurance Quotes For Minimum Earners

Shopping for auto insurance in Houston is a simple task which can be done in minutes. However, if you want to do it the traditional way, the process may take a lot of days to be completed.  Thanks to technology, it is now easy to compare can insurance Houston quotes. There are now websites that collect the necessary information from you and then generate the insurance quotes based on your requirements. If you are a low income earner and do not want to spend much on premiums, it is always better to go for such sites wherein related insurance quotes will be generated.

Online Quotes for Car Insurance in Houston

Once the quotes are generated, all you have to do is go through them wisely. Go through each and every quote that is given. Do not forget to go through the details of every quote as you are looking for cheap insurance which will not spend a lot on your vehicle. In order to get online quotes for your vehicle, the information provided must be accurate. Generally, the online insurance providers for cars ask for your monthly or annual income at the time of generating quotes. After the search, the quotes that you get on screen are based on the amount of income that you have provided in the relevant field.

The other information that some website ask before generating online quote for you are your name, ZIP code and also the type of car you own. It takes a few minutes to assess the details mentioned and then generate the relevant insurance quote. It is an easy task to get the quotes online, what takes time is to choose the best among them. There may be some quotes that are less relevant, it is better to ignore them and study those that are relevant.

It is also crucial to understand that the quotes that are electronically generated are just an estimated value which provides a fair idea of what you can get and expect from insurance providers. Online quotes are a good idea for low income earners as these can be used to get an idea of how much to expect. If these quotes are not suiting your requirement or budget, then you can simply visit any car insurance provider in Houston.

It is not mandatory to go for online quotes only. Though online quotes are excellent time savers, they may not always be perfect money savers. The insurance quotes for your car can also be acquired from any car insurance provider available in your area. A walk down the street near your house may help you to spot some car insurance provider. If not, then you can simply type your ZIP code and search online to get hold of your nearest provider for Houston auto insurance.

Cheap Quotes for Low Income Earners

No matter how cheap or attractive an insurance quote looks online, it is important to talk to the provider and find out the exact quote. Always look for any hidden charges or loopholes in the quotations. Once you get your auto insurance quotes online, there is no rush to say yes to one of them. You can take your free time to go look at the company’s name and compare the policies generated in your browser. In case you are not sure about any company’s reputation, simply search about it online or you can also read some reviews about the company.

Online insurance comparing websites are the best way to remove the daunting task of visiting or calling several auto insurance providers in your area.  This is easier than what was done by vehicle owners in the past. Compared to what you get in the market, online insurance quotes are the best ones. The latest and improved methods of acquiring insurance for cars in Houston have led to cheaper rates that are beneficial for the customers. Insurance companies are devising new policies which are cheaper than their counterparts just to grab the attention of the car owner.

Advice on Getting the Best Car Insurance

Apart from getting auto insurance in Houston quotes only, you can also make more use of these sites. Financial advice and suggestions are also available which facilitates customers to pick up the best policy that match their requirements perfectly. In addition to the suggestions and financial advices, one also gets to know updates about latest car insurance Houston policies.

Go ahead and grab this opportunity now! Houston insurance dealers offer cheap policies specially designed for those who fall under low income earners. Numerous quotes based on your earning capacity are available online but make sure that you select the best ones depending on your requirements and the value of your car.

A clean driving record, fair credit score and good condition vehicle are the prerequisites of auto insurance. Safe drivers can easily get away by shopping for grand insurance for cars in Houston. Such deals are good for low incomes earners that have an opportunity to save a good deal of money without spending much on vehicle.