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How to Obtain a Houston Cheap Car Insurance with a DUI Record?

Drunk driving not only risks your life but also brings serious consequences later. One of them is obtaining car insurance in the city of Houston. Other problems include 3 days to 10 years imprisonment, 3 months to 2 years license suspension, $2000 to $10000 fine and an additional surcharge for 3 years. Houston cheap car insurance is indeed difficult to come across if you have a DUI conviction. You are neck deep in fines and even license suspension. Not only that, your insurance can be cancelled as well. Moreover, renewing your insurance later or obtaining a new insurance can be quite a hassle.

The DUI laws in the state of Houston are very strict and if you are caught drinking and driving, your license can be under a risk of suspension. However, there is no need to lose your hair over this. By following these simple steps, you can easily obtain cheap car insurance in the state of Houston.

First, get hold of a good lawyer who can reduce your fine to a large extent. A lawyer can get you through all the charges easily. Moreover, your bail plea too can be reduced by a good lawyer.

Secondly, when it comes to cheap car insurance in Houston, you must take every step carefully. Filling of a SR-22 form is compulsory after a DUI conviction. This is because most companies would hike your insurance premium to almost double the amount or cancel your insurance subscription. So, you have to approach a new company to issue your car insurance. The form is usually filled by the insurance company itself. Before buying insurance, do try to find out whether the company fills up this form or not on your behalf. More than the price, this is a much bigger concern especially for high risk drivers. Companies that do fill out the SR-22 form always advertise this fact.

Thirdly, it is important to compare the prices especially after getting a DUI conviction where it is expected that the insurance rate is bound to shoot up. Luckily, you are spoil for choices. Even if it takes some time, you are sure to get at least one company that gives you a decent rate. Taking some time out and comparing car insurance quotes in Houston is the way to go. Going for a DUI education class can be a great step to ensure reduced rates from companies. These remedial classes are hugely beneficial and help you to be a better driver. There may be a need to get some more courses done other than the ones you are asked to attend in order to show that you are a responsible citizen.

Finally, a clean record after a DUI does show your changes in driving and can eventually help you get a better rate. A DUI violation will be there on your driver’s record for almost 7 years. A responsible driver always walks out with the most benefits, so it is important to drive safely and without the influence of alcohol.

Do not panic if you have been DUI convicted. Go through quotes and decide wisely. By just taking out a few seconds and entering your 5 digit zip code above, you can get started and avail Houston cheap car insurance. Log in today!