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Six Consequences in Breaking DUI and DWI Laws in Houston

For all the drunk drivers out there in Houston, the  Houston DMV, together with the government has come up with some DUI or DWI laws that are imposed in Houston and affect any driver that is caught driving with a blood alcohol concentration level that is more than the legal limit. These rules are meant to teach people that the best answer is not to drink and drive but some people fail to learn that very lesson. These specific people get caught while drunk driving and are convicted of breaking the DUI laws in Houston. Any offense to the law cannot go unpunished and that is why there are some particular punishments and penalties that the DMV and the government have come up with.

Many people wonder what they are; they don’t have an idea of what they might have to deal with if they commit and offense to the DUI laws in Houston. Well, for a heads up, these penalties are really hefty and they are not something a person can live with. It should again be reminded that the best answer is not to drink and drive.

Here are some of the intimidating consequences an offender of the DUI laws has to face (1).

•       Imprisonment- The first and probably the worst consequence of offending a DUI law in Houston is imprisonment. If a person is caught drunk driving, they are imprisoned at the command of the law and court. The imprisonment periods are short for the first two offenses by the driver but for the third offense and for habitual offenders, it’s not something a person can live with.

•       Fine- The second consequence that one will have to deal with if they offend a DUI law in Houston is the fine. The drivers caught driving while drunk are imposed to fines. The fines, just like the imprisonment period, are small for the first couple of offenses but increase drastically when the driver becomes a habitual offender.

•       Suspension of license- Drunk drivers’ licenses can also be suspended by the court if needed and the suspension periods are also affected by the offender’s offense number.

•       Community service- Drunk drivers are often required to go through community service for a good amount of hours per week. This helps them realize what they have done and try to correct themselves.

•       Forced attendance of drunken driving awareness campaigns and seminars- The drivers caught driving while under the influence of alcohol are also often required to attend drunken driving seminars and awareness campaigns as advised by the Houston DMV and the law.

•       There may be many more, intense consequences if a person becomes a habitual violator of the laws of Houston.

After reading all of these consequences that a drunk driver has to face, I think you might be thinking that it’s better not to drink at all. Hey there! You know what? Now you can compare insurance quotes in your state just by entering your ZIP code in the box at the top of this page.