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Punishments to Drunk Driving Convicts According to DUI Laws in Houston

In every state, the DMV has put down certain laws that DUI offenders are subject to and those laws also state the penalties DUI offenders receive. The state of Texas is no different where the Houston DMV has put down the laws regarding DUI in Houston. In the past couple of years, the DUI laws have tightened and people have been treated without tolerance and neither the police nor the court have shown any leniency towards the people convicted of DUI offenses. That is because crime rates and accident rates have drastically increased over the past couple of years and the government has noted that increase in rate.

The government, consequently, has ordered all the governments of every state and city and the DMV’s to tighten their grip around the throats of drunk drivers and DUI offenders which has resulted in the dramatic decrease in the tolerance showed by the court and the law enforcement departments. A strict law has been laid down and the police and court together are making sure that everyone follows the law. However, there are some people that don’t do so.

These people are known as law offenders, or more specifically speaking, DUI law offenders. There are many grades of offenders and there are different penalties for different grades. These grades include the first-time offenders, second-time offenders, third-time offenders and the most dangerous and risky, habitual offenders. Habitual offenders are those people that offend DUI laws on a number of occasions and have a number of DUI law offenses on their history.

A drunk driver becomes a habitual driver when they offend the DUI laws more than three times. That is the standard in most countries and a standard in Houston set by the Houston DMV. If a person offends the DUI laws more than the standard three times, they then become habitual offenders of the DUI laws in Houston and they also become entitled to the penalties that are set by the government to be induced on the habitual DUI offenders.

Once a person becomes a habitual offender, they are entitled to harsher and more intense penalties than they would be on their first, second or third offense. The punishments are much worse. The penalties and punishments that a habitual offender of the DUI is entitled to include a long term suspension of their license (about 10 years), loss of driving privileges for a massive lifetime, long periods of time as jail, hefty fines, forced attendance at drunk driving and substance abuse seminars and classes, ignition lock installations, community service as ordered by the court and long hours of thinking and thinking about all the guilt and what you have done.

Becoming a habitual offender of the DUI laws in Houston is in no way a good thing to do and it certainly has its consequences. The penalties and consequences a habitual offender of the law faces are way intense and way harsher than the penalties of a drunk driver that is not a habitual violator of the law. Habitual offenders are also noted to sometimes be subject to life sentences and long sentences.

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