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Different Degrees of DUI Penalties to Drunk Driving Convicts in Houston

A DUI offender is a person/driver that offends the DUI laws of a state. Drivers who are caught drunken driving every single day are penalized according to their number of offenses and whether they caused any havoc or not. There are DUI offenders everywhere in every state. Drunk driving has now become a pretty profound phenomenon and is pretty common among teenagers and middle aged people. A set of laws which refer to and affect DUI offenses have been put down by the DMV’s of each state including the Houston DMV and the people who drive while under influence. DUI offenders can be classified into degrees or classes.

AutoInsuranceInHoustonQuotesEach degree or class is sorted out according to the number of DUI offenses they have made. Each class has a different set of punishments and penalties set and the people who go into the class are subject to those penalties. There are four basic types of degrees which DUI offenders can be classified in. The first two degrees are accounted as misdemeanors and the last two are counted as felonies.

A DUI offender is classified into these degrees by the times they have offended the DUI laws in a state in their look back period which is a standard ten years. If you have been wondering what the degrees or classes of DUI offenders and their respective penalties are, you’re in luck because all that is explained right here!

Below is a list of the four main degrees of DUI offenders and their penalties as set by the DMV of each state. Please note that the penalties may differ depending on the area you live in; this set of penalties and punishments is a general one and is not from any one specific state or city’s DMV.

1.      The first degree: 1st time offenders

First time offenders are those DUI offenders that violate the DUI laws in a city or town within a state for the first time. The punishments and penalties that they are entitled to are not too intense or harsh. The 1st offense by a DUI violator is noted as a Misdemeanor and is not that bad as the ones to come after the 1st attempt. A 1st time offender is not given too harsh punishments but they are punishments and are enough to strike fear in the person’s heart. If a person makes a first offense, the penalties are enough to make them think twice or more than that before doing that again in their life. Here are the penalties that a 1st time offender is entitled to:

•       Jail of 2 days up to 11 months and 29 days.

•       Suspension of license for 1 year.

•       A fine of $350-$1500.

•       Reimbursement of any losses, materialistic or physical to another person or their property you damaged.

•       A minimum jail of 7 consecutive days for a BAC of .20 or more.

•       Forced participation in a DUI school or seminar.

•       Drug and alcohol treatment if ordered by the court.

•       An average cast of $4900-$5000 for a person’s first offense. This includes towing fees, any court fees, and insurance fees e.t.c.

2.      The second degree: 2nd time offenders

The 2nd time offenders are classified into this degree. They are the people that violate DUI laws in their state for a second time in their look back period of ten years. 2nd time DUI offenders are entitled to more intense and harsher punishments than 2nd time offenders as they are the people who ignored the warning and went on and broke the rules for a second time. The punishments and penalties of 2nd time DUI offenders include:

•       Imprisonment of 45 days to 11 months and 29 days according to the degree of the havoc created.

•       An obligatory fine of $600-$3500 as decided by the court.

•       Suspension of license for two massive years.

•       Seizure of the offender’s vehicle.

•       Suspension of driving rights.

•       Forced attendance at a DUI school or awareness seminar.

•       Can be subject to installing a vehicle ignition lock device at own expense.

•       Reimbursement of the money caused to fix any property or heal anyone that was hit by the DUI offender.

•       Any further penalties as decided by the court.

3.      The third degree: 3rd time offenders

Third time offenders are the DUI offenders that violate the DUI laws set down by a state’s DMV like the Houston DMV for a third time. They are charged with Felony and are subject to the following penalties:

•       Imprisonment of 120 days up to 11 months and 29 days.

•       Fine of $1100-$10,000

•       DUI school

•       Seizure of car

•       Possible installation of ignition interlock device at the convicts expense.

•       Suspension of license for 3-10 massive years.

4.      The fourth degree: Habitual offender

A habitual offender is one who habitually violates DUI laws in a state. They are charged with Felony and are heavily penalized. The penalties that a habitual offender is entitled to include the following:

•       1 year imprisonment with a minimum of 150 consecutive days

•       A fine of $3000-$15000

•       Forced attendance of a DUI school or seminar

•       License suspension for 5 years

•       A vehicle seizure may occur

•       Ignition interlock device may have to be installed at convicts expense

A person who is drinking should always remember that they shouldn’t drink at all when they plan to drive. A person who is drunk driving can cause a lot of chaos and damage to people and people’s properties on the way. If the person is caught while drunk driving, the penalties they will be subjected to, as mentioned above, will be extremely hefty. It is always better that a person spends the night at a friend or relative’s place rather than driving home while being drunk over the legal limit in their state.

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